Strategic Intellectual Property Management


Strategic IP Value Creation

The measure of competitiveness among enterprises will increasingly be driven by an enterprise’s ability to innovate, create and exploit new types of economic assets built from knowledge capital. Intellectual property which is a key by-product of innovation is a critical component of an enterprise’s knowledge capital. A key aspect of innovation management is the legal protection of ideas through intellectual property rights management and legal enforcement.

Intellectual Futures provide strategic IP services to corporations, governments, international organizations, trade bodies, industry associations and other organizations focusing on strategic IP value creation.

Enterprises with an exploitable portfolio of intellectual property assets are better positioned for market dominance. In this shift towards the knowledge-based economy, enterprises with a strong portfolio of intellectual assets have a much greater chance of securing profitability. Intellectual asset management is about designing a structured framework at the enterprise level to manage intellectual assets in a manner that enables the enterprise to extract commercial value of its intellectual assets particularly its intellectual property rights. New strategies, tools and techniques have evolved to allow intellectual assets to be exploited optimally for revenue generation and to build shareholder value.


Strategic Management of IP Assets Program

This intensive program provides an intensive management-oriented guide on key aspects of IP asset management, a key practice area that will increasingly impact the business performance of enterprises and nations. Aimed at industry players and policy makers, this program seeks to share insights on the following issues:

  • How IP assets can be leveraged as a tool for competitive advantage for enterprises and nations;
  • Identification of key economic, legal & business issues in the design, development and management of strategic IP policy at the both the corporate and national levels;
  • Introduction of key legal concepts in the protection and management of digital IP assets including auditing of government IP assets in e-government projects; and
  • Outline key legal & business risk management principles that organizations should adopt as part of their IP asset management policy


Strategic Licensing & Technology Commercialization

The technology business, especially those dealing with patentable technology, whether ICT, biotechnology or engineering technology display different and often unique business models, processes and characteristics from “traditional” businesses. In today’s innovation-driven technology economy, intellectual property rights (eg patents and copyrights) and brands in technology assets are a business’ most valuable asset. But the commercialization of such technology and IP assets is much more complicated than the commercialization of “traditional” goods and services. And strategic licensing is key to successful commercialization strategies.

Intellectual Futures assist companies, governments and organizations to comprehensively address end to end issues in technology commercialization, especially newer ones, from R&D to market. Commercializing technology through a robust and strategic licensing program is often the best way to exploit technology assets – a common strategy in industries such as electronics, computing, telecommunications, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. By licensing their intellectual property to other companies better positioned to penetrate certain markets, firms can fully utilize technology assets when they may not have the resources to do so on their own. Through a structured strategic licensing program, Intellectual Futures helps organizations develop an integrated strategy to generate sustainable revenue. At the end of any engagement, these organizations will learn the step by step approach to develop a:

  • Technology commercialization strategy
  • Strategic IP management program
  • Strategic licensing program


IP Acquisition & Inbound Licensing

Acquiring IP and technology, especially strategic ones, can ramp up an organization’s IP value creation program. This would require careful study of technology and IP opportunities on a global basis to develop windows of business opportunities that can be seized through IP or technology acquisition

Intellectual Futures provide the range of services related to IP and technology acquisition including:

  • Building relationships with research group, university technology transfer groups, startups and others, to source advanced technology IP opportunities.
  • Finding and evaluating patent acquisition opportunities that could help fill potential future product gaps
  • Helping plan and prioritize intellectual property technology acquisition areas.
  • Evaluating candidate technologies for acquisition, licensing and investment.
  • Working with the client company’s IP business and legal teams to execute transactions.


Knowledge and Financial Franchise

Apart from “traditional” product franchise, Intellectual Futures specializes in the design, development and implementation of knowledge and financial franchise with an emphasis on how intellectual capital owners can codify, manualize and systematize their intellectual capital asset for value creation through licensing or franchising.