Intellectual Property Investment Banking

Working with licensed financial advisors across all markets, Intellectual Futures provides IP-based investment banking services and products to corporations with intangible assets who are looking for ways to leverage their intellectual property assets for value extraction. As the value of corporations increasingly becomes a function of their IP value, Intellectual Futures’ Investment Banking services seek to assist our clients to remain at the forefront of value extraction, monetization and profit maximization.

Intellectual Futures assists our clients to raise financing through:

  • IP-based Collateralization
  • IP-based Securitization
  • IP-based Private Equity and Venture Capital Financing


Strategic Advisory Services

We also provide advisory services in connection with a wide range of strategic financial matters strategic IP-driven transactions, mergers and acquisitions, IP portfolio optimization and rationalization, and competitive positioning. As part of IP-based financing process, we provide IP due diligence services supported by legal and financial due diligence services.


IP Securitization

The number of securitizations using IP as the underlying asset has increased significantly. This is a result of companies leveraging their IP royalty cash flows into collateral to achieve a lower cost of funding. Intellectual Futures facilitates IP securitizations by acting as a strategic adviser managing and liquidating the IP assets in the case of an issuer default or other event of distress. By doing so, Intellectual Futures is able to address the concerns of bond holders and rating agencies.