About Us

Intellectual Futures is a strategic advisory practice whose core competencies are in strategic intellectual property management. We are a transactional and strategic advisory company whose primary purpose is to work with our clients to leverage intellectual capital as a major value driver.

We focus on extracting commercial value from intellectual property rights and intangible assets management and we provide IPR-based investment banking. Our Mission is to help our clients realize their fullest commercial and economic potential by leveraging on intellectual property as a value driver.

On the process side, Intellectual Futures focuses on futures thinking, strategic thinking, adaptive and complexity thinking aimed at enhancing thinking capabilities to improve organizational performance. We mentor and provide thinking skills training to enterprises, academic and research institutions and governments through structured learning programs and customized in-house learning.


Our Adviser

Admitted to practise in Singapore and England & Wales, Zaid Hamzah is a technology innovation lawyer, intellectual property strategist and author who specializes in ICT transactions, cybersecurity, legal analytics and strategic intellectual capital management. Author of 9 books covering e-security, ICT law and innovation, intellectual property and private equity and venture capital financing, 57 year old Zaid has over 30 years of professional experience covering, among others, lawyering, strategic IP management and technology commercialization, investment advisory and government service. More about Zaid Hamzah here.